The explosion of stuff

March 26, 2014


…and suddenly you look around and realise that there is so much stuff going on that you’ve almost no time to tell people about it. So, to rectify that, here’s a  rundown of what’s happening with the music and the writing and a few other bits and bobs. De Saw and Finkle have had a busy […]

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Excited For

March 24, 2014


Another in my occasional series of slightly grumpy exclamations of bafflement at the way the English language changes Before My Very Eyes. Last time out the culprit was: This! Now the phrase that has accumulated sufficient irk points is: excited for. When did it happen that we started being excited for things? Hasn’t it always been that […]

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How did I get to be here (and where exactly is here anyway)?

March 21, 2014


It’s funny how a bunch of isolated points of interest can coalesce into something you didn’t realise was concerning you. Take this past week for example, in which: The Clarke Award shortlist was announced and duly both praised and criticised for being “safe” and “core genre” A meme did the rounds of writer acquaintances (like […]

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In case of book launch…

March 17, 2014


So, as April (and The Moon King) approaches, the pre-launch ducks continue to be put in rows. This weekend’s task was Choosing A Reading Passage. In case, you know, an occasion should arise where a reading might be called for (and there might, there might…I’m working on it). This is a new challenge for me. When […]

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Making the job worthwhile

March 15, 2014


While working from home this week while we had our living room ceiling replaced (leaky washing machine, insurance claims, long story) I was reminded of how much the full time fiction writer lifestyle doesn’t suit me. Four days in the flat (indeed, in one room) connected to the office by the slender veins of VPN […]

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The Sair Lug

March 1, 2014


On my way out for my Saturday writing session, I popped into one of my locals (since this is Glasgow, there are several; this is the one which shows All The Football) to catch the last half hour of my team’s struggle to muster enough enthusiasm to win the league sooner rather than later. The […]

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A piece of the moon

February 15, 2014


Something on the horizon that I’m really chuffed to be involved with is a new short fiction initiative from NewCon Press called Moon Shots. The stories, commissioned from a really interesting bunch of writers, will be published as both an e-book and audiobook via the truly excellent Spacewitch indie genre fiction shop. You can pay […]

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