The obligatory January thing

January 13, 2016


It seems to have become the custom that in December I do a round up of the year, and in January I follow it up with a plans-and-expectations spiel. Sometimes I compare the one at the end with the one at the beginning, sometimes I know not to bother. Anyway, welcome to 2016’s now-obligatory January post. […]

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The Year of Living Industriously

December 12, 2015


After all the exiting business of novels and the like last year, 2015 might look like it was a year of not very much happening, but I doubt I’ve ever had such a productive one.  Musically, we got the band back on the road and Markee and Bert managed to get themselves on a US […]

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The boy who loved The Boy Who Loved Death

November 20, 2015


This is an unashamed advert for The Boy Who Love Death: a book I know I’m going to adore, and I’m pretty sure that anyone else who enjoys scalpel-sharp stories written with unbelievably lyrical precision will too. I loved Hal Duncan’s last collection, Scruffians!, because it assembled most of the tales in his wonderful Scruffians cycle in […]


October 30, 2015


The new issue of Polish SF & F magazine, Fantastyka, contains a reprint of my story, The Euonymist. There’s something other-worldly about seeing your own words printed in a different language; a language you can’t even read. You can sense the shape of the story, perhaps spot a few phrases and make a guess at which bits […]

Einstein A-go-go

October 5, 2015


This month sees the publication of a new anthology that celebrates the centenary of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. In I Am Because You Are editors Pippa Goldschmidt and Tania Hershman have assembled an exceptional array of contributions from fiction authors and science writers who explore the profound extents to which the ramifications of Albie’s […]

Been a long time since rock and roll…

October 2, 2015


We could probably sit down and work it out, but it’s been at least five, probably more than six, years since Murnie last played live. It’s been so long since our misfit band of brothers last got up on a stage and played pop songs too loud that it was conceivable that we’d forget how. But, […]

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Britannia Panopticon Book Fair

July 27, 2015


If anyone happens to be in Glasgow’s Merchant City next Saturday afternoon (perhaps taking in the entertainment and foodie delights of the Merchant City Festival), you might be interested in the Britannia Panopticon Book Fair. A selection of local and international authors will be selling books and giving readings in the historic surroundings of the […]

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