Diversionary Tactics (3)

Posted on November 16, 2007


These attempts  are getting less and less successful.

At least the latest episode of Heroes kept me distracted. I liked the switch to five years in the future, after the bomb and everything’s changed.

I’m saving this week’s Jericho til tonight, so last night I fired up EQ for a couple of hour of good honest battering fuck out of monsters. Theraputic, but hardly mentally engaging. Like the new upgrade though. The new features are good and it seems to run smoother too (tho that may just be my imagination).

[As a little on-topic aside, I noticed a nice wee piece in the Evening Times about 17 being an unlucky number in Italy. Dunno how they’re going to feel about playing on the 17th of the month at 1700, then…]

Anyway, one day to go. I may resort to Children In Need tonight.

Has it really come to that?

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