Lost In Translation

Posted on November 13, 2008


Thanks to Mr Gibson’s passing reference to Plastic Bertrand (via the Hello Kitty lounge of Taipei airport), I have decided that all song lyrics read better translated from French. The reason? Well, see it occurred to me on seeing the title of M. Bertrand’s “hit” written down for the first time since 1977 that I’d always mistranslated it. Instead of “Ca plein pour moi” (which I’d always guesstimated as roughly “that’s enough for me” or possibly “I’m full of it” [French was never my forte]) it’s actually written “Ca plane pour moi”, which actually means… well it’s apparently open for debate. Anyway, reading the approximate translation of the lyrics just brings the song up to a whole new level for me.

So, I’ve decided that from now on murnie lyrics are going to be translated into French and back again*.

I’ve tried it out on some old favourites. See if you can spot them:

In the country of the housewives, with their full silver plated beefsteak knives. And all slags on the allowance for risk, functioning during their lives.

All the arms and shameless chattering, alarms and observe them disperse. Splash the money cash and obtain brilliant. Monkey d’ spider.

You known as that you seek the significance, thus why come with me? Your windows of the world have need to clean and you want my scraper.

Its head is dug, except a paper fall. Golem’s code in a trap of vacuum. Not a thought obtains in its being reflected skin. Here which comes, he’s the brass boy.

Kermit is an upholder and Fozzy in a costume of ganse now. The flicks porcine its wicks, my resistance breaks, wow! Since I want a leather muppet.

How much fun?

**Ok, possibly not *really* but I like the idea, okay.
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