NAF: CAMERA OBSCURA / My Maudlin Career

Posted on May 22, 2009


It’s the Friday afternoon before the late May bank holiday. The sun’s shinin’. And we’re in the mood for something light and breezy to while away the last few working hours before the long weekend. Just as well the new Camera Obscura’s new release is on the feature rack in FOPP.

My Maudlin Career carries on where Let’s Get Out Of This Country left off. Sweet songs in an old fashioned vein, lush arrangements and that deep reverb vocal sound that they’ve made iconically their own. There’s the occasional Western Swing, er swing, going on among the Dusty moments and the more contemporary-indie tunes, which make for a very pleasant listen experience all in all. Perfect whiling music in fact. If only we could arrange a pool to dangle our feet in and a supply of cold beers, we’d be sorted.

Also worth checking out is their recent BBC session in which they made Sprinsteen’s Tougher Than The Rest into a genuine thing of beauty.

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