Polish fiction : recommendations please

Posted on April 8, 2011


One of the great things about hanging out in the Paradox Cafe in Warsaw over the weekend, was being surrounded by books in an entirely – and I mean ENTIRELY – differently language. I loved the look of Polish on the page (and the sound of it to the ear too, although most folks were generous enough to speak English to us), and am half tempted to buy myself a primer so that I can begin to decode the issue of F&SF I was kindly given home with me for myself. But that’s a long term project.

So to be getting on with, I’d be really grateful if anyone has any suggestions of Polish writers in translation. I’ve already read some of Andrej Sapkowski’s Witcher stories, and have been recommended A Polish Book of Monsters (thanks, Jan!).

What else should I get my hands on?

For a bonus points, recommend your favourite Lem novel as – to my shame – I have never read him.

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