Scrabble Grrrl!

Posted on May 9, 2011


As a habitual player of Scrabble (or unsanctioned Facebook equivalent) it’s always interesting to hear what new words are included in the latest edition of the official book. This year’s selection includes some useful looking additions to the arsenal. I’m liking “webzine” and “vlog” (seven letter words are almost as useful as creative ways to use a V). Similay, for Qs, “qin” and “fiqh” are well handy.

A lot of these words have either entered English from foreign languages or from the internet, which is all well and good. It’s when we look at some of the words slouching saggy assed in the corner headed “street slang” that I have my doubts. “Punaany”? “Biach”? It’s not the words themselves, but are those really the accepted spellings?

And as for “Grrl” / “Grrrl” – surely they could have decided on one or the other.

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