BSFA Awards shortlist

Posted on January 23, 2012


So, the extended voting period has passed and I hope a few more votes snuck in. The result is really interesting shortlists in all the categories.  In the two fiction categories, I’ve read two of the novels and two of the short stories, so I have a bit of reading to do to be in a good place to vote when the time comes but I’m looking forward to it.

Nice to see some buddies on there too. I enjoyed Kim Lakin Smith’s “Cyber Circus”, but didn’t expect it to make the shortlist. It’s really nice to see something genuinely original getting recognised. Lavie Tidhar’s “Osama” is similarly (and on the other hand wholly differently) original, but it has a very serious and challenging undertone to it too. In the short fiction categories, I’ve been supporting Nina Allen’s work for a while now, so it’s no surprise to see her name again, but I’m also really delighted to see Al Robertson on the list for “Of Dawn”. Al’s an inspiringly creative writer, and this slice of pastoral English fantasy is redolent of the likes of Holdstock at his best. The kind of story that Interzone has always published well. Loved it, and wish it very well indeed come the vote.

And on the non-fiction side of things it’s also brilliant to see  Ian Sales being recognised for his SF Mistressworks site. Well done, son.

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