Crackle and buzz

Posted on January 5, 2013


So the other day Murnie released our new ep, Crackle. We’re a wee band, and just like thousands of other wee bands out there it’s both inexpensive and easy for us to record our music and make it available to (theoretically) anyone who wants to hear it. What’s difficult sometimes though is getting feedback. Any feedback. At all.


There are a number of good indie review blogs out there (such as the ever excellent bluesbunny) and we were fortunate to get a couple of well nice reviews for our last release (sundaymouth), but beyond that the response to our music has been like a millpond.

This isn’t fishing for compliments. We genuinely just want to know what people think of our songs.

So. We’re offering free crackle download packages (that’s the four tracks plus the artwork/lyrics booklet) to the first five volunteers to take a listen and a look and promise to blog/tweet/facebook/G+ their reaction. You don’t have to be a journalist or a music geek. It doesn’t have to be in-depth. Just say what you liked or didn’t like.


First five people to leave a comment here get the download codes.

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