The Sales v Williamson 2013 Short Story Challenge

Posted on January 13, 2013


So, in the comments of a recent post writer and friend, Ian Sales, challenged me to “friendly” race of sorts. The reasoning is to get both of us writing more short fiction this year.

The rules:

1/ Contest runs between January 1 and December 31 2013.

2/ Each writer gets one point for a story completed and submitted for publication for the first time.

3/ Each writer gets one further point when a story is accepted for publication for the first time.

4/ Loser buys the winner dinner at 2014 Eastercon here in Glasgow (which at least gives us both a better than decent chance of a proper feed at the end of it all).


That’s all there is to it. We’re going to update the comments of this thread with a running total (although I note, wistfully, that it may take me a little while to get into it what with all the long fiction stuff I need to complete).


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