Posted on February 1, 2013


The last year or two I’ve been in the habit (more or less, sometimes I slipped) of reporting on what I’ve enjoyed reading during each month. The original impetus for this had been realising that I’d pretty close to stopped reading for pleasure a few years ago, and hey it worked. I’ve read a lot of good stuff in the last couple of years.

All of this is preamble. I was at a gig last night and had a similar realisation. I used to go to a lot of local music events. I love them, love discovering something new. So, I’m going to expand my monthly round up to include gigs too – in the hope that it gets me out the house and back into the swing of enjoying new local music.

And while I’m at it, why not incorporate my old New Album Friday feature too?

So, this year’s monthlies will be new and improved and expanded.

January’s is due, probably, over the weekend.

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