Ten fragments

Posted on November 6, 2013


Been trying to piece together my memories of WFC into something coherent that I can remember, but it’s impossible. Too many fragments. So, I’m tossing them down here anyway. A jumble of pieces, most of them good. Make of them what you will.

  1. Lynda Rucker’s wonderful story, Ashmouth, read in its native Georgia accent.
  2. My introduction to Pho.
  3. People admiring The Moon King postcards at the NewCon table. And seeing ARCs of the book being handed discreetly over like contraband.
  4. Ambush opera.
  5. Critting an excellent unpublished story, which I very much look forward to reading again soon on publication.
  6. Animation advice, and talking with the voiceless Greg Bossert. And his reaction when he discovered he was a World Fantasy Award winner.
  7. Other people’s book news.
  8. Serious talk, with good friends, when required.
  9. The hour where several good people independently delivered astonishingly kind words about my fiction. Something that’s never really happened to me before and left me feeling both grateful and imposturish.
  10. Tea and scones and writing and SWEEEEEHH?
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