What’s that coming over the hill…?

Posted on February 6, 2014



Suddenly it’s February and where, not so long ago there seemed a glacial ice age to wait until The Moon King was published, now it’s within actual sight. On the horizon. And it’s coming my way.

The words we’re all going to die!!!  are constant prisoners behind my clenched teeth. Because this is the point when the long-held dream becomes … whatever it becomes in reality. People are going to read it. And either like it or not like it. I mean obviously I want people to like it. I REALLY want people to like it, but if they don’t, that’s okay. It’s the anticipation that’s the killer. It’s thrilling and it’s terrible. A proper beast, and it’s coming to get me.

Meanwhile…things are happening. Special edition story has been finalised. Blurbs have been sought. Reviews solicited. Something random and arty might be happening (or it might not if I can’t master After Effects any time soon).

Mostly, this post is to give you due warning that, if there really is a monster coming over the hill, it’s in all alikelihood going to be a punting, promoing, publicity monster that looks a little bit like me.

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