Excited For

Posted on March 24, 2014


Another in my occasional series of slightly grumpy exclamations of bafflement at the way the English language changes Before My Very Eyes. Last time out the culprit was: This! Now the phrase that has accumulated sufficient irk points is: excited for.

When did it happen that we started being excited for things? Hasn’t it always been that you are excited FOR a PERSON (ie on their behalf)?

“I’m excited for Jenny. She starts her new job tomorrow.”

“I’m excited for Neil. He just heard that a third of the stock of the hardcover edition of The Moon King has pre-sold.***”

And wasn’t it always that you were excited ABOUT a THING?

“I’m excited about Jenny’s wage rise.”

“I’m excited about Neil’s book.”

So, when did we suddenly start using:

“I’m excited for Jenny’s payrise.”

“SQUEEE! I’m SO excited for The Moon King?”

C’mon people, stop changing shit when I’m not looking. Leave our prepositions alone.


***Shameless, I know, even if true. But get used to it, guys. And I’m not going always going to be this subtle either.

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