Eastercon shopping list

Posted on April 4, 2014


So, Eastercon is around the corner and as always there are a few books out there that I’m looking to pick up.

  • Newcon Press’s Little Black Box, containing two anthologies, La Femme and Noir (which can also be published separately). These feature Newcon’s usual mix of established writers, great indie scribes and names which are entirely new to me. The chance of discovering a great new writer is one of the main reasons I buy these books.
  • Eric Brown‘s two new books: a new collection in Newcon’s Imaginings series called Strange Visitors and a new volume from PS Publishing too, which I believe will be the first in a quartet of spacey, adventurish novellas, which is exactly the kind of thing Eric does brilliantly!
  • Andrew Hook‘s new crime novel, The Immortalists. Andrew brings a touch of true originality to everything he does, so I’m really interested to see what he does with crime. (Not sure if it’ll be out or not at the con, but it’s definitely on my list.)
  • Hal Duncan‘s Scruffians. I think I mentioned this last year, but it’s not out til…now! There are some superb stories in this book, and there’s at least one extra one in the deluxe edition (although the cover art is a bit ruder).
  • my annual Ye Olde Sci Fi purchase – this year I’m finally hoping to pick up something by Cyril Kornbluth. My friend, Mark Rich, is a huge fan and has been recommending him to me for ages. Now is the time.

So, that’s the list.

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