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The boy who loved The Boy Who Loved Death

November 20, 2015


This is an unashamed advert for The Boy Who Love Death: a book I know I’m going to adore, and I’m pretty sure that anyone else who enjoys scalpel-sharp stories written with unbelievably lyrical precision will too. I loved Hal Duncan’s last collection, Scruffians!, because it assembled most of the tales in his wonderful Scruffians cycle in […]

British Fantasy Awards

July 21, 2015


Stunned, not to say delighted, this morning to discover that The Moon King has been shortlisted for the 2015 British Fantasy Award for Best Fantasy Novel. It’s in wonderful company, and from past experience I reckon the jury have a very interesting discussion ahead of them. I’m now going to Not Think About It until […]

A Not So Brief History Of Murnie

June 4, 2015


Out of the blue last week a picture appeared on facebook of my old band (80s hard rock, mullets and power ballads – you get the picture) and in addition to the predictable surge of horror/nostalgia, I realised that being in a band – having a bunch of people that you bond with musically, that […]

Black Static Stamps

May 9, 2015


My story, The Secret Language of Stamps, is out this week in Black Static magazine. My first supernatural story in a long time, it is set in a post-war English port town and touches on themes of xenophobia, travel and loss in what I hope is a fairly creepy way. As always, if you’re a fan of […]

Everyone’s A Winner

April 6, 2015


Just got back from Dysprosium, the 2015 Eastercon, having had a fantastic time. There are always tons of things to do at Eastercon, but mostly I spend the time taking to friends. Friends I’ve known for years, friends I mostly know via social media, and friends I’ve barely met before, but suddenly find a common […]

Dysprosium Approach

March 30, 2015


Eastercon’s outdone itself this year. Even the title sounds like a big budget sci-fi flick**  And I’ll be down there as usual, and if you’re looking for me on the programme: Saturday 1pm-2pm  Room 15 I’ll be talking to Nina Allan, Dave Hutchinson and Ian Whates about “That Tricky First, Second, Third, or Fourth Novel” Sunday 3pm-4pm […]

The 3D Effect

March 25, 2015


So last night murnie had our first in-a-proper-rehearsal-room band rehearsal for a while. I say a while, we worked out that the last time was just before Simon’s eldest kid–who just turned five–was born. We’ve not been entirely idle in that time of course: there’s been recordings and the occasional songwriting session, but getting all […]


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