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How writers write

March 25, 2015


Every writer has their own unique approach to getting from Idea to Finished Thing. A few weeks I was asked by the SF novelist Tony Ballantyne to describe how I tackle the writing process for a regular feature on his website. If you’re interested in that sort of thing (and you should certainly read Keith Brooke’s […]


November 1, 2014


November has always been a turn-month for me. The step change from October’s sodden leaf-mould underfoot to starry skins of frost, from autumn to winter. A crisp, glittering month. A month of acknowledgement, of reset, of possibility. Over the years, I’ve done much of my best writing work at this time of the year, and this bright (if […]

BlogHop: Three Things I Don’t Write (and Three Things I do)

May 13, 2014


Another of those writery blog tour things with the twin purposes of providing you with a few titbits of insight into someone whose blog you already read and linking backwards and forwards in the chain to other writers that you might also like. I was tagged for this one by Ruth Booth, by way of Benjanun […]

Writers Blog Tour

May 5, 2014


This is something that’s been doing the rounds, and I’ve been nominated to take part by the excellent Liz Williams, following on from the equally excellent Claire Weaver. Be sure to link back to their posts and then return here to witness how bizarrely random I am when it comes to writing. 1. What am I working […]

That strange engine of creation

January 16, 2014


With the bidey-in working away for a few weeks, I have a rare, extended period of solitude at home and had hoped to use the swathes of uninterrupted time to storm ahead on editing the novel. And I am doing so; it’s knitting together better this time round, but progress is slow. Partly this is […]

Resolution, it’s a mug’s game

January 2, 2014


At the beginning of the last couple of years I’ve done a sort of  “creative goals” post, and the one thing I’ve learned from the exercise is that, for the self-propelled creative type at least, planning is largely futile. Too often opportunities come your way that you couldn’t have foreseen and, if you have neither […]

Away games

September 26, 2013


Nearly a year ago, I had a conversation in a hotel bar in Toronto with Graham Joyce about his experiences playing in goal for the England Writers international football team, a collection of novelists, poets, playwrights and publishing types who play matches against teams from other countries. Brilliant fun, he said. On the back his mention […]


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